Donald Paninski (Child Predator)

Here’s Donald paninski, He likes to to seek out minors on Facebook.

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Nene Red (Child Abuse)

This poor for an excuse of a woman and mother allowed her bofriend to abuse her child..

A kind-hearted woman found this child walking barefooted and shirtless trying to running away from the abuse..

She helped the child and waiting for an update.

Here’s her page and link:

Here’s his page and link:

Here’s the link for pictures and video:

Psychopath Films Himself Clubbing Litter of Puppies to Death Then Justifies it on Facebook

People suck. There is just nothing else about it. You have to be a true piece of shit to do something like this. Puppies…

Literally, something that makes everyone happy.

The video of this guy has been making its way around the internet and it is just sick. Like some liveleak click here to make sure you want to see this type sick.

Hopefully by the time this post goes out. 1. Facebook will remove it. 2. Someone will turn this guy into his local police or 3. someone will club him in the streets.

I shouldn’t wish harm on someone, I take that back. Actually, no I don’t f*ck this guy.

We need to send him to an island with the people lighting cats on fire and throwing boiling water on others.

This is a screencap of the video and all that will be posted here. This was sent in to us with limited text so we already made the mistake of watching it.

You do not want to see the damage this psycho does to these puppies. And if you do want to see if just go find this guy and get ready to go to hell you loser.

Doing the crime is bad enough. Making people watch is also terrible and then defending yourself… F*CK YOU.

He is probably going to come after me for putting this out there on the internet. Good thing I have a cub just the size of his big ass forehead.

This terrible story gets even worse, the dude tries to justify it all on Facebook… LIKE AN IDIOT.

Here’s his facebook page:

Also found his info on his facebook page too.

Alexis Farr (Wanted Thief)

Here’s khadijah comeger: This young lady ALEXIA FARR came to me to get her hair done yesterday Morning it took me 9 hours to do her Hair reminding you I’m 9 months pregnant. After I do her hair she calls her boyfriend to pick her up because he just went to get the money. so she sits around for a while her boyfriend knocks on my door I open it to find A gun Pointed too my face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My babies where in the same room as me when this Happen how can you be so heartless to Rob a 9 month pregnant woman in front of her babies ?? Because you couldn’t afford $100 hairstyle ?I put in hard work to make you look good and to also feed my children . I’m not worried about the money I’m just Glad my children are safe !!!!! Nobody should have to experience what I had to experience . SHE IS WANTED BY GRANDVIEW AND KCMO POLICE SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!!

Here’s the link to the post:

Disgusting Child Predator Put on Blasts After Sending Explicit Messages to 12 Year Old Girl

There is no stopping these predators these days. They can even be people you know. For example, this is a family friend. 23 years old saying some disturbing stuff to his friend’s little sister.

We have seen people catch these guys at malls, fairs, and even on the streets. It still doesn’t seem like enough.

Someone who talks like this has done it before and will do it again.

We need to find a way to put a chip in these dudes that make all wifi signals jam. Like house arrest but from all mobile devices.

Because like I said, they get caught one, most likely they have done it before or will do it all again.

Her brother went to Facebook to Expose this freak. He wrote: So I’m just gonna expose this goof that was msging my 12 year old sister and trying to sleep with her and admitted to being a pig Justin Chartrandi hope everyone sees this it makes me sick!

And tagged him with all these pics:

I know you could be thinking this is just texts with no connection to this dude. Well… He went on Facebook after text using his public profile:

Here’s his page:

Here’s the story:

SHOCKER: Man Threatens To MURDER HIS DAUGHTER On Facebook . . . And His Babys MOTHER TOO!! (You’ve GOT To Read These Messages)

August 23, 2017: We’ve seen some very GRAPHIC text messages – but nothing like this. An Orlando woman shared some very DISTURBING text messages that she got from her babys father. The man was hiding his daughter from his new girlfriend, and when she found out – he BLEW UP on his babys mother.